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I totally love my neck, chin and face since Dr. McGriff performed my Precision TX laser at Hawaii Medical Skin Care.  I had a facelift by a plastic surgeon in town five years ago, but it was really starting to loosen up and my cheeks and jowls were getting heavier.  I went back to the plastic surgeon, but he said it was too early to do another facelift.  My friends said their Ultherapy and Thermage treatments were very painful and did not help.  I was so happy to find my new cosmetic surgeon, Dr. McGriff, because he offers the best treatments available.  He did some fillers for me and fractional CO2 laser treatment that looked great, so I asked him to do my Precision TX laser.
I took a Valium, which I didn’t even need and then Dr. McGriff injected numbing solution to make my entire lower face numb. I Felt Nothing! If the facelift was 10/10 pain, this was only a one. The results are amazing! Within a few weeks, the skin on my neck, jowls and cheeks was tightening very quickly. My friends were all asking me if I had been working out and losing weight, or was it new earrings or a new hairstyle. Now, after a couple months, I can honestly say it looks even better than the facelift had looked. I read online that many doctors say the Precision TX minimally invasive laser is better than having a partial facelift… It IS that dramatic! I’m very thankful!
Finally, a downtown facial and medical skin care office that has good hours, a great location, great staff, and a doctor that is personable, listens, and does excellent work. After Dr. Mott left his office at Restaurant Row in the care of out-of-towners who rotate in and out like aliens replace the entire staff periodically, I found a good doctor but had to drive out in the middle of the day for appointments, which is a huge time waster, and the staff kept up a ridiculous up-sell patter that got old pretty quickly. Dr. McGriff is so smooth with Botox that I barely feel it, and their facials are outstanding. They make it easy to make an appointment and – key ingredient to a good experience – they do not run late! For those who value their workday and value good work, this may be your solution.
Jill B.
This clinic is Amazing! I’m very pleased with how bright and rejuveneted my skin is following the Ultrapulse fractional CO2 laser resurfacing procedure on my forehead!! Irina very patiently talked me through the entire procedure and even shared her own experience with photos from her procedure and recovery. Now, we both look and feel amazing! Dr.McGriff made certain I was very comfortable and understood each step of the process and provided all the best skincare products to give me a speedy and beautiful result. I can’t wait to do all my face to match my forehead! I highly recommend Irina and her professional staff to provide your advanced skincare, filler, Botox and liquid facelift care!
Anna B.
Amazing people, treatments, and services!! The entire staff at Hawaii Medical Skin Care are so knowledgeable, professional, and work to make your experience suited specifically for you. You’re able to see results quickly and they continue to go above and beyond with each visit. It is Hawaii’s hidden treasures for spa services.
Juliet Lighter
From the moment I walked into the spa I was greeted with their friendly staff and excellent services. I would recommend anyone to go there, I love Hawaii Medical Skin Care!
Moani Hara, Miss Hawaii USA 2014
I highly recommend them for all of your cosmetic skin care needs. I have known the Executive Director, Irina, for many years and can say that she is a very talented and capable person. I have no doubt that with Irina at the helm, there is no better place to go for skin care treatments.
David B.
First I would like to disclose that I am a fellow doctor that has worked with Dr. McGriff in the past. My skin is really oily and I have struggled with acne my whole life. All the medical grade treatments I used in the past either dried my skin, were only worth using when I got a really nasty breakout or bleached my clothes or pillow covers. On top of that I have acne scars I have dark patches (sun while cycling) and a couple deep creases between my brows which make me look like I am constantly mad (stress from work). I decided to ask him for help about a year ago with my problem skin.

The first thing he did was start me on a bottle of Environ C-quence. It helped decrease the oil production and interestingly made my skin really well hydrated (sounds weird but I have dry AND oily skin). After I had been using it for a while he started to tackle some of the brown patches with his laser. It took a few treatments but the combination of the laser and C-quence cream really evened out my skin tone. I was concerned at first because I had heard lasers can caused skin to become darker when you are Asian. Newest laser technology + he has treated lots of Asians = I had no issues what so ever. On a side note I am now very religious about wearing sun screen and wear it every day. I am doing my best to prevent new dark spots from forming as I get older.

The botox was a real eye opener. First time I tried it about a year ago I had no more angry look. It took about 5 days to kick in and lasted about 4 months before I needed another series of injections.

Now that a year has passed since I really started taking care of my skin, I am using the stongest version of the C-quence cream and cleanse for my skin twice a day with the Environ products designed specifically for oily skin. After struggling for a life time my skin is much more balanced, hydrated and waaaaaay less oily. Just recently I went to Phoenix, AZ for a conference and was worried my skin would freak out. It has become super oily when going to dry places in the past. I had no problems. In fact I didn’t feel a difference!

Now my wife is using Environ products and gets Botox for her forehead. She has even gotten several of her friends to give Botox a try and they love it. Sure it costs money but no more than anywhere else. What really makes a difference to me is a doctor is the only one injecting or giving you laser treatments. That makes me feel much more confident I am getting the right treatment. It took me a while to warm up to the concept of really taking care of my skin. Just have a consultation with him – its free. You’ll feel just as confident as I did. Your skin will thank you.

Dear Doctor, thank you for your artistic skills and for your caring, compassion, and kindness in accepting me as a new patient. Your personal attention to my unique situation and your commitment to ensure that my results are excellent are a testament to your professionalism, great talent and big heart.

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