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Hey guys, is it possible to achieve Botox results without using needles?
Who actually likes needles, scalpels, scars and downtime?  Men are becoming more ‘Tech-Savvy’ all the time!  In this ‘High Tech’ age, the secrets to a younger more vibrant appearance are revealing themselves to men.  From creams to Botox to surgery, many men are discovering methods to eliminate wrinkles and shave years off their bodies and faces.  Now, with the latest technologies at Hawaii Medical Skin Care, much of this can be accomplished painlessly, with no downtime, needle sticks or scars . . . . that’s right!!  No surgicals scars or needles to deal with.  Hawaii Medical Skin Care leads the way again, introducing this technology to Hawaii.

Hawaii Medical Skin Care treatments are growing for Men
Since 2002, there has been more than a 300% increase in men seeking Botox for treatment of facial wrinkles and enhancement of appearance.  Worldwide, similar statistics for other procedures such as laser and filler treatments are reflecting the interest men have in maintaining a youthful, healthy look.   The modern-day ease of treatments along with a general acceptance of this philosophy has contributed to this boom in Men enhancing their general looks.

As our workplace becomes more competitive, once we hit 40 we notice that the office starts looking younger.   Our employer continues to hire 20-somethings and we wonder how our 40ish looks would stack up against these youngsters during a job interview. Yes, people do equate youth with intelligence.

Now we start to look closer at the impact of age, sun damage, and life’s stress on our faces.   We notice how gravity begins to affect our skin, and our appearance.   We start thinking about taking the steps toward gently fixing the lines and wrinkles.   Sagging skin and formation of jowls get attention, too.   We decide it’s time to take a proactive approach to decrease the appearance of aging.

Hawaii Medical Skin Care Treatments Available
Treatments such as fillers Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Sculptra and Voluma are being utilized to fix a myriad of conditions including sun damage, jowls, sunken eyes and cheeks, and scarring.   Environ DF-Ionzyme II treatments can deliver newly developed medications to the same muscles as Botox injections, in many cases totally eliminating the use of needles.

A good cosmetic surgeon, like you will find at Hawaii Medical Skin Care, specializing in aesthetic medicine treatments will develop your own personal plan for treatment.   This could involve Botox injections.   Your physician will decide what is too much and what will be just enough to look great.  Softening some lines may be better than trying to erase them.  Surrounding areas would be affected by using too much Botox or fillers.

By combining his knowledge of facial muscle anatomy along with the benefits of Botox, your skilled cosmetic surgeon will be able to develop your treatment plan.  Sun damage, wrinkles and dark spots can be minimized with an Ionzyme or laser treatment.  Fillers can be used to lift the skin up in certain areas.

Having the benefit of looking like a younger version of yourself, instead of being ‘done’ to look like someone else
No one wants to experience advanced skin care treatment and expense to look younger, while having it appear obvious that he has had surgery done.  Men want the subtle changes that occur over time.  The goal is to obtain a younger looking appearance, with no scars, no downtime and fewer lines, wrinkles and spots that age tends to bring us.  Hawaii Medical Skin Care takes a teamwork approach to working together, with you, to acheive your goals.

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Please browse our full Before & After Photo Gallery by clicking the button below. We can help you look and feel your best whether it be a new body shape and contour with Smartlipo Triplex and Cellulaze or youthful skin rejuvenation of your face, neck and décolleté with our Fotona QX Max Laser Treatments.

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