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Cellulite Treatment (Cellulaze)

You love your family, you work hard to make sure they are cared for, but now it’s time to take care of yourself.  Even if you worked hard to get your body back after your children, you may still see some differences, including cellulite.

But now there is something you can do about it!  Cellulaze is the first and only FDA-approved, minimally invasive, and effective one-time treatment for cellulite—with longer-lasting results than any other method.  Cellulaze gets to the root of the problem by targeting the cause beneath the skin.  The laser delivers energy to the dermis producing skin thickening and increased elasticity, thermally subcises fibrotic bands that pull down on the skin, and smoothes the skin by improving herniated pockets or lumps of fat.

Photo Credit: Cynosure Cellulaze

Successful Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment

Is there any hope for women when it comes to the future of cellulite?!  The answer is simple – YES!!! Cellulaze is a minimally invasive laser-based treatment created by Cynosure, Inc. and approved by the FDA.  The procedure is still relatively new in the fight against these stubborn fat-accumulations on our body.  But, it seems to be the only scientifically proven way to truly and permanently eliminate your cellulite.  There are currently over 40,000 monthly internet searches for the term “cellulaze” so let’s see what all of the buzz and hype is really about.  This seems to be the latest secret of Hollywood actresses.

Does it really work? 
Actually, people who have undergone this treatment say that it works 100%.  Scientific clinical trials have shown Cellulaze is the only method to permanently eliminate cellulite.  This is what some of the patients wrote: “So far I am shocked at how different my thighs look. I really look like a new person!” And this is what Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Del Rey at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates says about Cellulaze:  “I’ve seen it, I’ve touched it, I’ve examined it.  It works.  It’s phenomenal.”  Dr. Stevens is married to one of the stars of the ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ and he also recognizes the huge demand for this procedure amongst the Hollywood elite.

The Cellulaze treatment is performed by using a very small cannula (or tube about the size of the tip of a pen) inserted under the skin.  A unique SideLight™ laser fiber inside the tube delivers energy directly under the skin. The precise SideLight laser energy increases the depth and quality of your skin, while simultaneously releasing the fibrous bands that pull down on your skin, to minimize the orange peel look associated with cellulite.


What does the procedure involve? 
The procedure is rather simple. First of all, the small laser tube is inserted under the skin of the patient.  The laser melts the lumpy pockets of fat.  Then, the laser beam is aimed sideways to trim the thick, fibrous bands of tissue that are tethering down the skin in between the pockets of fat.  The laser beam is then directed up at the undersurface of the skin and underlying collagen.  This triggers new collagen growth which leads to better elasticity of the skin.  The procedure is highly technical and requires a trained cosmetic surgeon, like Michael McGriff, M.D. at Hawaii Medical Skin Care.

What makes it different from other cellulite “cures?” 
Alternative methods for supposedly “curing” cellulite aren’t really cures, at all.  Creams only fix the issue on the surface and with mediocre and temporary results, while massaging could take months before there is any visible improvement on the reduction in the appearance of cellulite.  Again, this minimal improvement is only short-lived.  Unlike creams or massage, Cellulaze addresses the core biology causing issue internally and is the first technology that directly targets that actual structures causing cellulite within the body.

What are the expected results? 
Cellulaze is backed by years of clinical research and cleared for use in the United States.  Clinical data has proven Cellulaze treatments can increase the thickness of the skin by 25% and increase the skin’s elasticity by 29%: significant claims which haven’t been made by many other anti-cellulite treatments. Thicker and more elastic skin can help flatten and smooth the skin’s surface, therefore improving the appearance of cellulite.  In addition, 100% of patients surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with their results one year after their procedure, and all would recommend the Cellulaze treatment to a friend.

Patients have reported seeing an almost immediate change in reduction of cellulite, however the best results can be seen after 6 to 12 months.  Dr. McGriff agrees with Dr. Stevens, who says: “I think what’s going to happen over the next year is we’ll hear more and more about doctors doing the treatment combined with liposuction, which actually sucks out some of the fat, for maximum results.”

How many treatments do you need? Is it permanent? 
Trimming of the fibrous bands and elimination of the fat cells is permanent.  As we age and develop new areas of cellulite, we may want to have additional ‘tune-up’ treatments.  Most patients only need one treatment, unless there is significant cellulite in more than one area of the body. Most people get it the worst on their buttocks and thighs.

Can I see Cellulaze before and after photos?
Yes, the best source for such pictures is on the website in the Photos section.  All images are un-retouched.

Will it hurt, and what is the recovery time? 
Even through the entire procedure is done under local anesthesia, this is what one patient reviewed: “I felt some tiny needle pokes initially and some pinching with the numbing procedure… there was some warm feeling here and there with the laser.”  Wearing compressive garments, similar to spanks, is important after the procedure.  But in terms of recovery, most of the patients were able to work and going out the day after the procedure and then return to their normal exercise routine within one or two weeks after the procedure.

How much does Cellulaze cost? 
The number will depend on the size and severity of the areas with cellulite.  According to the plastic surgery site RealSelf, the average is somewhere between $7,000 and $9900.  Procedure costs are always minimal at Hawaii Medical Skin Care.  We always strive to provide the highest quality, safe and effective treatments at the most reasonable cost.

Who is a good candidate? 
The best candidates will be people who are not overweight but who have moderate cellulite on their hips, buttocks or thighs.  If you are overweight and have cellulite, the procedure won’t be able to create a miracle.  However, a proper diet and exercise most certainly will.  Then, Cellulaze adds the finishing touches to your beautiful, new you.

Where can I find a qualified doctor near me who performs the Cellulaze procedure?
For more information visit the website to find more about Cellulaze and the other procedures carefully performed by Dr. McGriff at Hawaii Medical Skin Care.  Call, now, to schedule your complimentary free consultation at (808) 226-3165!

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