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Laser Tattoo Removal

At Hawaii Medical Skin Care, our Cosmetic Surgery specialist performs all of the laser tattoo removal procedures, instead of requiring you to trust lesser trained techs or aestheticians.  We use Q-Switched laser treatments to effectively remove complex and multi-colored tattoos in the most comfortable manner possible.  We also supplement the patient’s comfort level by applying anesthetic and using the Zimmer chiller to bathe the treatment area in chilled, very comforting air.

Fotona’s QX MAX Q-Switched laser technology generates single nanosecond pulses, which are more efficient at removing pigment than multiple-pulse technologies of equivalently high power.  Since the Fotona is able to repeat these pulses many times each second, the laser sessions are much quicker and more comfortable than other tattoo removal lasers.

Fotona’s QX MAX laser system offers four wavelengths in one system, enabling treatments for virtually all commonly used pigment colors.  The QX MAX transmits extremely short energy pulses that cause tattoo pigments to break into smaller particles that are then removed by the body’s own immune system.

Most tattoo procedures take only a few minutes, but several treatments are typically necessary to completely remove a tattoo.  Three-week intervals between sessions are required to allow pigment residue to be cleared by the body.

Before & After Gallery

Please browse our full Before & After Photo Gallery by clicking the button below. We can help you look and feel your best whether it be a new body shape and contour with Smartlipo Triplex and Cellulaze or youthful skin rejuvenation of your face, neck and décolleté with our Fotona QX Max Laser Treatments.

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