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Permanent Reduction of Armpit Sweat Glands

Your face isn’t the only place for the injectable Botox or Precision TX. Axillary Hyperhidrosis (excessively sweaty underarms) is a very common problem in men, especially in the warm climate of Hawaii. Botox injections can safely work by blocking nerve signals that lead your glands to sweat and cause you to ruin shirts or lose job interviews and clients to embarrassing armpit stains. This is a very real and common problem, especially amongst men in Hawaii. A single treatment can reduce sweat for six to eight months and has no negative side effects.

The best permanent solution to stop sweaty armpits is a one-time Precision TX laser treatment, permanently blocking the sweat production from the underarms. This is far safer than other surgical techniques. Many people are amazed at the added freedom they feel to be themselves while not ever again having to worry about embarrassing underarm sweat in meetings or on dates.

What is the PrecisionTx?
PrecisionTx is a cutting edge laser technology that enables a new minimally invasive laser procedure for patients who are bothered by underarm sweating.

How does PrecisionTx procedure work?
The procedure is done under local anesthesia. Though a small incision, a cannula is inserted under the skin and thermally controlled laser energy is delivered directly to the sweat glands to ablate them.

What does the procedure feel like?
Like any other minimally invasive procedure, you may feel a light pressure during the procedure and some soreness afterwards, which will resolve rapidly. You will be able to return to your normal activities in a few days.

How long does the procedure take?
The procedure takes about one hour and it is performed in our medical spa.

How often does the procedure need to be repeated?
PrecisionTx is a one-time procedure.

How much does the procedure cost?
PrecisionTx is a very precise and individualized laser procedure, and the price varies depending on the size of the treatment area. Our cosmetic surgeon must see the prospective patient first to provide an accurate quote after the consultation.

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