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Hawaii Medical Skin Care has declared WAR on scars!  This ‘SCAR WARS’ approach truly uses the latest, very futuristic technologies, in order to improve the appearance of unsightly burn, trauma and postoperative scars that nobody needs to live with, any longer! 

Scars in our skin can occur from a variety of causes, but their treatment is now one of the biggest breakthroughs in modern medicine and cosmetic surgery.  Laser scar therapy, particularly the fractional ablative Ultrapulse laser used at Hawaii Medical Skin Care offers the most promising and underused tool amongst our many ways of treating these scars that continue to traumatize patients long after the original injury. This allows us to penetrate deeper into even thickened and stiff scars, softening and smoothing them and improving their function and appearance. The microscopic channels created by the Ultrapulse laser heal without leaving scars, while allowing brand new, regenerated skin cells to populate the area of the scar.  Typically, rapid improvement is seen in the discloration of the patient’s traumatic scar, followed by gradual improvement in the texture, softness and motion of the scarred skin. 

The laser treatments can be combined with steroid treatments, topical skin care products containing human stem cells growth factors or PRP (platelet rich plasma) and covered by topical silicone in order to enhance the healing process and acheive a more beautiful result.  It’s truly amazing to see the emotional relief and overall change in self-esteem for both children and adults who no longer need to tolerate unsightly scars!

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